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We’re excited to offer payment plans to our customers. Customers now can choose the payment option at the checkout for all orders between $100 and $1000.
For any payment plan through you will be charged 25% upfront and the remaining amount will be spread over 3 fortnightly payments.
There will be a one time 3% non-refundable transaction fee on all payment plans.
Once your order has been paid in full we will then work on getting your order processed and delivered to you. Shipping and processing times is mentioned in our Shipping Policy.



Select as your payment method in checkout for orders between $100 – $1000. All you need is your debit or credit card. Must be 18 or older and meet additional eligibility criteria to qualify.


No long forms to fill out; you’ll receive an instant approval decision!


There is an upfront payment of 3% this is to help cover transaction fees.

Payments will come out over 4 fortnightly payments with the 1st due when you place your order.

Once your order has been paid in full we will then get it delivered to you. Please refer to our shipping policy for more information.


Is there a credit check?

There are no credit checks done.

What will happen if I miss a payment?

We understand that things can happen beyond your control. We ask that if you are unable to make a payment to let us know and we can change your upcoming payment dates. If you do miss a payment we will try again 2 more times every 2 days. Please contact us within 7 days if you have missed a payment to coordinate getting your account up to date. A $10 late fee may apply. payment plans are contractual obligations. If your account remains overdue for 14 days, you will forfeit your initial deposit.

Can I pay early?

Yes. Payments can be made early and you access controls to do so by logging into your account.

How do i create a account?

During checkout, you will be signed up for a free account (or sign in if you already have one) in order to take advantage of this payment plan.

Are there any additional fees?

Yes, all plans will include a 3% non-refundable transaction fee.

Am i bound by a contract? If so where can i view it?

Yes, when you admit to a payment plan and the contract is a legal document that you agree to once you approve the plan. You will be given the chance to view the contract on the payment screen. You can also view our contract here.

— Start of Contract —

**************PLEASE READ YOUR CONTRACT BELOW*************

By submitting your order and authorizing the charges on your card, you are legally bound to the following terms:

I, John Doe, acknowledge that I authorize to charge $100.00 USD on behalf of ESC clothing today, and $300.00 USD on the following payment dates:

$300.00 USD on Monday September 27, 2021

$300.00 USD on Wednesday October 27, 2021

$300.00 USD on Saturday November 27, 2021

I acknowledge that a total of $1,000.00 USD USD will be paid to ESC clothing by November 27, 2021.

I acknowledge that the credit card(s) or payment method(s) I am using to make this purchase will be active, valid and have sufficient funds available during the entire term of the payback period. If for any reason my payment is declined, I will provide an alternative, valid payment method.

I understand i will be charged a transaction fee off 3% which is non refundable.

I understand and acknowledge that my payment plan can not be changed once it has begun.

I understand and acknowledge that my order will not be shipped until my order has been paid in FULL.

I understand that I may be assessed a late fee(s) if a payment is missed on any of the agreed-upon payment dates for any reason whatsoever.

I understand that I am legally bound to these terms and required by law to make all payments on the agreed-upon payment dates.

I understand and acknowledge that if I choose to cancel my plan, at 100%, it must be done by the end the origin date, of my payment plan, business day. Anytime after the allocated timeframe, I will not be refunded and i will refer to ESC clothing refund policy found on there site, however, The transaction fee/fees will not be included within my refund.

I understand and acknowledge that if I fail to comply with the payment plan, I may not be able to do another payment plan with through ESC clothing.

ESC clothing reserves the right to report delinquent payments to credit agencies and collections agencies.

— End of Contract —

What are the payment options? is operated by Stripe. Stripe allows you to use your checking account or credit/debit, along with automatic payments. We do not store any of your payment information.

Can I cancel a payment plan?

Yes at any time you wish before final payment is made you may cancel your order with which you will receive a refund minus the non-refundable 3% transaction fee.

Are there any produt exlusions?

Giftcards and wallet top-up credits are excluded. You are free to use on everything else.

What countries is available?

As uses stripe we are able to accept customers from the below countries.

Can I change the items within my payment plan once I have placed it.

No, as per the contract you have signed once your payment plan has been approved we are unable to make any modifications to the order. We, therefore, ask that you double-check that everything is correct before you place your order thank you.

Who do i contact if i have questions or a problem?

Please feel free to submit a support ticket or send us an email at

All orders through are subjected to our Terms of use & Terms of service